Coach Edmar -

Co Owner

Edmar has three loves in life, gymnastics, Coach Heather and his children. If you include bowling, it makes four loves. Coach Edmar has been coaching since 1998. Minus serving his country, he has never left the sport. Edmar has worked in every capacity in the gym from office to preschool to coaching the elite athletes. Other than owner, he is Head Girls and Boys Team Coach. His dream of owning a gym became a reality in July of 2019. Edmar was blessed to be able to open the gym with his longtime friends.

Coach Danny -

Co Owner

Danny was a competitive cheerleader with 10 years under his belt. He has won numerous National titles. He won College Nationals (2005) with TVCC (Trinity Valley). Danny has coached Tumbling and Cheer for over 17 years. He has also coached competitive Gymnastics for 5 years. Danny’s ability to work with mental challenges and setbacks makes him an amazing coach. His coaching philosophy is: “ When you set a goal for yourself, you have to be determined to persevere through failure in order to achieve your goals”. Danny’s favorite quote: “Don’t talk about it, be about it!”

Coach Chucky -

Co Owner 

​Chucky has always been a natural athlete from participating in soccer to gymnastics. He found his true calling with Hip Hop and Dance. He started his career during college dancing with NOIR Dance Troupe at Illinois State. He spent over 7 years with Hip Hop Connection. They did over 70 performances, a year including Prelude, The One, Dance Chicago, etc. They took 1st place at Hip Hop International. Chucky's Hip Hop skills have let him to spots in commercials and video games. Chucky fun fact I love CHOCOLATE MILK WITH A PASSION!

Marcie -

Co Owner

Marcie is no stranger to the world of business but has only been working in the world of gymnastics for a few years. This fast paced, customer service industry suits her past working experience and education. Marcie received her BA from Cornell a million years ago. She has since worked in restaurant management, real-estate management and  as a stay-at-home mom. Her other passions include: running, spending time with her children and watching Tik Toks.

Coach Meg

Meg started gymnastics when she was 4 years old and hasn't stopped yet! Meg continued her gymnastics career at Northern Illinois University. She competed as a Huskie for four years and loved every minute of it. As a student athlete, Meg earned her Bachelors degree in Kinesiology: Exercise Science with a minor in coaching. Meg shifted her love for the sport into teaching. Meg started coaching as soon as she graduated in 2015. She enjoys coaching because it gives her a chance to influence young athletes in a positive way. Meg believe coaching is more than just teaching the sport. it is about growing individuals as a whole. Meg's goal as a coach is to impact the athletes in a positive way, so they will be able to do if for someone else one day.  

Coach Trent

Trent is originally from Buford, Georgia. He trained gymnastics under Coaches Dave Wise and Sam Zaretsky as well as Nathan Simmons. Trent was the State All-Around Champion his Senior Year in High School. He Competed at 5 Junior Olympic Championships. He was a division 1 gymnast at the University of Illinois in Chicago where he competed Rings. P-Bars Floor and Vault. He Qualified for the NCAA National Championships three years as a Rings Specialist. He was a team Captain at UIC and won the best Sportsmanship Award and the Senior Gymnast Award. During his Junior Year, Trent competed on the American Ninja Warrior. TV Show, Trent was dubbed the Dyslexic Ninja and was invited to be the key note speaker at the "Say Dyslexic" Congress in Washington. Trent was invited to meet with Congressmen Doug Collins and Adam Kinzinger and Senator Marco Rubio to discuss his life as a D1 Athlete with Dyslexia and Hearing Impairment. Trent Graduated from UIC in 2016 with a degree in Anthropology. Trent is very Passionate within the GYMACT Program where he has served as the Assistant Coach to the NIU Team over the past three years. Trent was awarded the GYMACT Collegiate Assistant Coach Of The Year Award.   

Coach Michael

Michael did competitive for  years and now has been coaching for 5 years. Michael's main goal when coaching is to teach good life lessons and bring up good people into the world, Throughout middle school and high school he did many other sports such as wrestling, football, soccer and track. During his free time he loves listening to music, going to concert and playing video games.

Fun Facts:

Played lead roles in musicals & plays as well as singing in choir.

Favorite Color - Sky Blue

Favorite Food - Sushi

Favorite Animal - Cat

Coach Marvin

Marvin’s coaching career came to him later in life. He has spent most of his life in sales while dreaming of his career of working with children. Coach Marvin started coaching in 2016. He quickly proved that coaching is his life’s calling. Preschool, Parkour and Special Needs are his specialties. His other passions, besides coaching, are spending time with his amazing sons, praying the Bears will win and working out.

Coach Heather

Heather brings a lot experience form being a competitive dancer throughout college and competing with an All-Star competitive cheer team. Her knowledge alone helps gymnast perfect and clean all their skills and routines. As a mother of two young gymnasts, she gets a unique perspective of what both gymnasts and the parents go through for the spot they love and strive to make it a wonderful experience for all. Heather's favorite part of coaching is when gymnasts learn a new skill. The athletes learn that hard works pays off while building confidence and pride in them.

Heather's Fun Fact: is she is OBSESSED with Six Flags Great America and all things Disney and Marvel!

Coach Deana

Deana splits time between Pre-school, recreational coaching. She has been coaching gymnastics & cheer since 2004. Deana is also a certified IHSA Cheerleading coach. She coached at Woodstock High School for 6 years and is currently at Crystal Lake Prairie Ridge who went to IHSA Cheerleading State in 2020. Her love for cheerleading can help other cheer athletes in privates for jumps, stunting & motions. Her background as a gymnast, Illinois State Power Tumbling Champion ( top 5 Nationals), and cheerleading gives her a lot of experience in multiple areas & with a fun personality. She hopes to leave the same experience with her student athletes as her coaching she is staying busy raising her toddler daughter Siena.

Coach Alicia

Alicia has been coaching for over 16 years. Most of her time when not coaching was working in Chicago practicing as a chiropractic physician. Alicia retired from the spot when she was a level 9 gymnast. Alicia earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Northern Illinois University in communicative disorders emphasis rehabilitation services. She then continued her education at Nationals University of Health and Science where she earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic. Alicia believe this sport teaches many lessons that carry over into life. One lesson in particular she trys to emphasize is that "You're going to fall of the beam, what do you do? You get back up. It's all the same in life. You're going to fall and have setbacks; you just get back up and continue to move forward to achieve goals!

Coach Alexis


Becky started working at Royalty GTD in August of 2019. However, she is no stranger to the world of gymnastics. Her oldest daughter did competitive gymnastics for 6 years. Her three daughters have tumbled with Danny, Edmar and Chucky for over 9 years and refuse to tumble with anyone else! She’s worked in customer service for the majority of her adult life, aside from raising her four children. She’s been an employee for D158 for 10 years and loves working with children. Working at Royalty has brought her so much joy because it’s like working with her family.

Coach Kristen


Coach Jenna

Jenna is currently at Illinois University, studying special education. She is a part of the best buddies program at ISU, and joined Gamma Phi Beta. Jenna graduated from Huntley High School in 2018, she cheered all four years, coaching cheerleading, parkour, and tumbling. Jenna's senior year on varsity, she placed 5th in the state, currently holding the record at her high school. she loves working with kids, acting as a positive role-model, and helping them achieve their goals. 

Coach Hannah

Hannah has been a gymnast for over 14 years. Hannah started competing she was six, and she still competes now as a Level 9 with Royalty. Hannah is a Junior at Hampshire high school she aspires to be an Elementary Speech Pathologist in the future. She love reading and writing and all things purple! Hannah wants her gymnasts to develop a positive attitude and outlook on their gymnastics and life in general.


Ashley is the Assistant Manager at Royalty. She has spent her career preparing for running the offices of Royalty. She has spent many years in customer service, stay-at-home mom as a Buyer for a local ski shop. Her patience and love keep the offices and E-Learning running smoothly and calmly. Her passions include working out, decorating, crafting, making items with her cricut and constantly rearranging her home and the offices of Royalty. She wants credit for having the hardest job of all, being Coach Danny’s wife.

Coach Lindsey

Lindsey been cheerleading & tumbling almost her entire life and is something she is very passionate about. She loves educating the younger age groups on what she loves. Lindsey works with preschool, parkour.. Works birthday parties and is part of the cleaning crew.

She is also a Cheer Coach at Huntley Cheer Association. 

Coach Ashley

Ashley was a competitive gymnast for over 8 years and still enjoys upgrading her tumble skills. She goes to St. Edwards High School; her favorite subject is chemistry. She hopes one day to become a physical therapist and specialize in youth spots injuries. Gymnastics taught her so much and she loves sharing those life lessons. As a gymnast her coaches helped mold her into the person she is today, Coach Ashley can only hope to have the same positive influence on the kids that she coaches.




Gymnastics has always been part apart of Christie's life. She was a gymnast growing up. Christie has also taught preschool gymnastics. Her daughter is on Team here at Royalty and the gym has become a second home to their family. Christie started cleaning the gym over a year ago and Royalty is thankful for the pride she takes in the place. These days, nothing is more important than safety and cleanliness while kids are doing what they love. 

Coach Tricia

Tricia been dancing since she was three years old. After her first recital, she realized that dance was her passion and something that she loves to do. When Tricia was in fourth grade when she began to compete for the first time. Once she got into high school, she began to dance for her school’s dance team. During her time of dance, she's been able to earn many awards such as a Stage Presence Award, National Title, All American, and four time Fox Valley Conference Champion. She is now dancing for the Upper Iowa University’s game day and competition dance team.

Coach Sarah

Sarah has been a cheerleader since kindergarten. She is a sophomore at Huntley High school and is a cheerleader for the school. She coaches preschool and parkour here at the gym. Sarah also coaches a 2nd grade team at Huntley Cheer Association. She loves to read and her favorite is Pride and Prejudice. Her favorite subject is math. She hopes to be a NICU nurse and work with kids in the medical field when she is older. Sarah hopes she can leave a positive impact on each of her students she coaches.


Coach Haley

Coach Kadence


Coach Ava

Coach Tyler

Coach Alexa-Rae

Coach Madi

Coach Kasha

Coach Tessa

Coach Emma

Coach Nathan

Coach Edie