Parkour  Team & Classes 

Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and other movements as deemed most suitable for the situation. Parkour's development from military training gives it some aspects of a non-combative martial art.

Parkour is an activity that can be practiced alone or with others and is usually carried out in urban spaces, though can be done anywhere. Parkour involves seeing one's environment in a new way, and imagining the potential for navigating it by movement around, across, through, over and under its features.

Parkour is a method of physical training that develops one's ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). It involves movement that will help if one is in a reach or escape emergency situation. Underpinning this is a philosophy of altruism and useful strength, longevity, self-improvement and self-understanding.

Parkour Team Forming Now.

Tumble Classes 



Tumble 1 - For children 6 and up (or with permission from the Tumbling Director)  Children learn tumbling basics and begin building a solid foundation for all of their future tumbling. Class time will be spent working on lunges, rolling skills, cartwheels, introductory backbend skills, and most importantly – handstands. Basic body awareness and body positions will also be taught at this level.


Tumble 2 - Students progress to learning toe-pointed back walkovers, backbend stand ups, front limbers, back extension rolls, and tick-tocks… the backbend skills are endless and will keep your tumbler challenged. Intermediate tumblers will focus primarily on a variety of backbend skills, while continuing to perfect the basic skills learned in Beginner Tumbling. 

Royalty's Tumble 3+ class teaches level 3 and up Skills


Tumble 3- Minimum Requirement: Students must have mastered a standing flip flop and round off flip flop on spring floor. Must have approval from Coach Danny to move into this class.

Tumble 4 -Minimum Requirement: Students must have mastered a round off flip flop tuck on spring floor. Athletes will work on skills including running to multiple flip flops to tucks, pikes/ layouts, standing tucks, front tuck step out, jumps to tumble.


Tumble 5 - Students will work on advanced skills including standing and running multiple flip flops to tucks /pikes/ layouts/ full/ double-full, standing tucks/ full, front tuck step-out, whips, Arabians, jumps to tumble.



USAG Team - Boys & Girls



We compete in USAG boys and girls competitive gymnastics Level 4-10. Our competitive programs have produced State, Regional, and National Qualifiers.  


USAG Xcel Team 



XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. The goal of XCEL is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.

Recreational Gymnastics - Boys & Girls



Dance Classes



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Preschool Classes 



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 Personal Training 



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 Open Gym



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Yoga Classes



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